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Solar Race Car

Students: Mohammad Ghoneim, Rami Saleh Alsayed
Advisor: Dr. Nader A. Nader
The purpose of this project is to design and build a solar race car. Renewable energy is becoming an alternative source for the fossil fuel. Solar energy in particular is abundant all year round within the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. It is vital for the whole community to utilize this free energy into many areas such as power generation and building of solar cars. As many studies pointed out that the consumption of oil within the Kingdome is an alarming four million barrel per day. Most of it goes to generate electricity and gasoline for the cars.The car speed reached an average speed of 70 Km per hour and maximum of 160 km/hr. The traveling distance covered was 3000 km. The body of the car was built from fiber glass material, and the chassis from lightweight materials. The design involved solar panels (PVC), gearbox, steering, axle, bearings, suspension system, power trackers and instrumentation. One driver was accommodated with a car net weight of 130 Kg.