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Solar Hybrid Air Conditioning

Students: Shehab Alotaibi 201002500, Omran Alghazzawi 200900037, Wail Bin Hamid 201000183, Ali Alsuwaid 201100274
Advisor: Dr. Nader A. N
The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in southwest Asia. KSA has a desert climate with extremely high day-time temperatures and a sharp temperature drop at night. The average temperatures in the summer may vary between 40°C to 50°C. Therefore, the demand of air conditioning systems and thus consumption of electricity had increased significantly in KSA. The government has been relying on fossil fuels more than the renewable energy. The consumption of electricity is estimated 232 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) in 2012. It is estimated that, consumption of electricity will be increasing slightly more in future due to country's population grow 2.6%. Raising awareness in electricity consumption is a must on our society. Moreover, saving energy should be a mission on every member of our society. Therefore, the design of multi-variable thermal wheel is an invention that seeks decreasing in the electricity consumption in air conditioning sites.