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Industrial Engineering

The unsung heroes of our modern era are the industrial, electrical and chemical engineers. Without them to put ideas into motion and create practical working devices many inventions and idea would still be nothing but dreams.

It is often said industrial engineers figure out how to do things and then carry on figuring out how to do things better. If we follow this adage, almost everything we see around us today can be, and at one point in time, has been, improved. Miniaturization, automation and computerization are just three areas that hold huge potential for future development. Industrial engineers and electrical engineers will work together to improve industrial processes and machinery and develop our next generation of smart devices.

However, the next really major leap forward will most likely be the Biotech revolution as industrial engineers team up with doctors and biologists to produce wearable or even implantable technology.

Whatever the field of expertise the possibilities the future holds for engineers are endless.