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Artificial Intelligence

Futurists envisaged a world in which more and more of the mundane tasks in life are carried out by machines. The rise of the robots was always seen as something for the far future. Yet today many aspects of industrial and commercial processes are already controlled by AI.

In its simplest form AI is the computer algorithm which checks your spelling or grammar, in the most advanced form a robot which drives your car or cleans your house. These are no longer wild dreams of the future as the future is already here.

Self-drive cars and household robots are already making inroads into the higher echelons of Western and Asian countries so it is only matter of time before they break into the Saudi market. These advancements will completely change life in this society. This in addition to the newly announced NEOM Project is a haven for future PMU students specializing in IT, Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Through integration of the acquired skills of programming and advanced engineering concepts, students and graduates of PMU will be able to develop and construct smart robotic devices and produce prototypes for industry and the home.