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Ideas Exchange

  • Submit Entrepreneur (Student) Idea by completing the application.
  • Specialized committee from the center will review your idea and assist you in qualifying the idea to be posted on the PMU website for voting (not applicable for Non-PMU student/employee applicants).
  • Once the Dean of Student Affairs approves it, the idea will be posted online and open for voting.
  • At the close of the time designated for voting, winners will be contacted to start the next phase by receiving a congratulation sealed “WOW” letter from Prince Turki Bin Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Creativity & Entrepreneurship.
  • If you are among the winners, you will need to submit a business plan canvas of your idea so that a team of relevant experts can review it to determine feasibility for further support (the center will provide the needed support to accomplish this task).
  • Furthermore, the team will reassess the idea in two weeks and reply to the applicant whether it is approved or not. If NO, then he/she will have to go back and start looking for new enterprise, idea or a new niche. If Yes, then he/she will be approved and go to the next step. Regardless of the results here, the owner of the idea may apply for patent request.
  • The Entrepreneur’s Mentoring and Coaching Program with research support begins here. All applicant will go through 3 workshops for 3 weeks as follows:
    • Week 1: The Entrepreneurial Decision and the Start-up Concept
    • Week 2: Starting your New Business Firm
    • Week 3: Managing and Growing your Business
  • Successful applicant will have to submit a professional final business proposal accompanied with a full financial plan to be presented to a committee chaired by PMU Rector. Proof of Concept Fund Application Form should be submitted.
  • If the project is approved, needed funding will be designated for the target project; if not, then recommended refinery and follow up notes will be sent back to Prince Turki Bin Mohammad Bin Fahd Center for Creativity & Entrepreneurship Committee for further communication about needed enhancement.
  • If all approved, PTCCE will assign you an official office to run your start up! (CR is mandatory)